Monday, March 5, 2012

CRAFTernoon Tea

Is there anything better than having a partner in crime for your crafty endeavors? I spent Sunday afternoon with one of mine, my friend A, having Crafternoon tea. Which of course, is exactly what it sounds like - afternoon tea with crafty company.

Aussie cakes

A always lays on something tasty and this week we got to sample Aussie cakes, delicious oaty-buttery bites slathered with raspberry peach champagne jam. Mmmm, are you jealous? Ask nicely and maybe she'll post the recipe in the comments. I'm afraid I was too busy wrestling with knitting needles to beg for it.

Mallory cowl in progress

Theoretically, this curly sea-monster is destined to be a Mallory Cowl but being an utterly remedial knitter I'm not sure I even bought the correct yarn, and there's already a mysterious hole in the middle. It's my first attempt with circular knitting needles and only my second knitted project. I'm much better with a crochet hook but I received an absolutely adorable kit for a yarn bunny for Christmas so I'm determined to perfect improve my knitting skills before I pull out the lovely blush pink cashmere-merino wool and teeny tiny needles.

On the other hand my cowl is TEAL! How can anyone resist such a delicious yarn color? So I'll call the "holes" a special lace effect and I'll wear it anyway to keep me cosy until spring arrives in the Windy City.


  1. That jam sounds ammaaazzzing!

  2. I have to confess....the Aussie Bites were purchased from CostCo and not a delicious home-baked goodie. The jam was a gift from Stonewall Kitchen, and it was pretty amazing. Looking forward to more CRAFTernoons!


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