Friday, March 23, 2012

Lovely Fridays

1. Rocking Votives

Pigeon Toe Ceramics
I can't get enough of the clean lines of this range of ceramics. The pop of color added to the interior is the perfect icing on top of the entirely delicious cake.

2. Ruby Sundae by Bonnie and Camille

Oh Ruby Sundae, why are you not in my fabric stash in all your glorious different colors? Someday soon, I promise...

3. Wooly Easter Eggs

woolly easter eggs 2
by The Beauty is in the Detail

Easter is on my mind at the moment and I'd love to tackle one of the cute knitted egg patterns out there (check out this one) but we've established that is well-beyond my current abilities. However, these adorable wrapped eggs might be within reach of my glue gun and I.

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