Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Fabric Happies

I know the fabric fans among you understand the feeling of the Fabric Happies: those beautiful bundles of color and pattern, works of art in their own right, yet ripe with possibilities for projects. There are so many different sources for fabric addicts looking to score - you can even have your fix delivered direct to the door. For the ultimate high, I recommend a trip to The Needle Shop.

Fellow addicts, I apologize, I am about to make you writhe in envy. This house of delights is not only in my city but I can walk there in less than 30 minutes. If I hop on a bus it's 15 minutes door to door.

It's ok, if you need to take a moment, go ahead.

This weekend there was a 20% off sale so I took along one of my treasured Christmas gift vouchers from my "american family" (every Brit abroad should get themselves faux-adopted) and crossed some goodies off my wishlist.

Sunday fabric shopping

On the bottom is a home decorator fabric called "Annie" which is destined, believe it or not, to become a rather stylish dog bed for my big Billy beast. There's a whole yard of Robert Kaufman's Metro living in dusty blue for a pillow I have in mind, as well as a bit of general stashing.

There were not one, not two, but THREE funky sugar skull patterns in stock so I struggled to pick a finalist. I almost couldn't resist the sparkles in the Alexander Henry Folklorico but the print was just a little too large for the projects I had in mind. One of my foster dogs went to a fabulous home with a talented tattoo artist who's particularly fond of these bold Mexican motifs. Flower the dancing chihuahua was with me for about five months so I was thrilled to send her off to the perfect forever home and have been meaning to put together a little gift for them. I can't decide whether to make a little fleece-lined jacket to fend off the Chicago snow or a leash, collar and stuffed bone set. What do you think?

I also treated myself to something extra special:

Kokka goodies

Usually I just drool in vain over all the adorable japanese prints that hover way out of reach of my price point. This time, with my gift voucher in hand and 20% off I treated myself to a quarter yard of the cars and a whole half yard of those fun cameras. I don't even have a project in mind! No doubt I'll stretch them out and find a way to fussy cut them into about 30 different projects over the next year.

Thank you Needle Shop!

fabric store


  1. We vote collar & leash with the stuffy bone! I refuse to accept that we will see any more snow until next winter, and we want her to show off her sugar skulls ASAP!

  2. So sorry! My last listing had just sold....the pattern is back in my shop (sorry to leave the info here but you were a no reply comment blogger and I couldn't find your email.)

  3. Wow, I'm not crafty and even I'm excited by all the pretty fabrics. I will just have to rely on my extremely tallented sister to whip me up something amazing out of them. hint hint xx

  4. Whaouuu! You are so lucky! This is a temptation!


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