Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wild Olive Stitch Swap Reveal

Now that I'm no longer just lurking around other people's blogs, I decided that I'd jump in to my first swap too. Wild Olive's Stitch Swap, with an easy timeline and nice compact project seemed like the perfect place to start.

Finished Stitch Swap

My partner listed her preferred color palette as blue, green and turquoise which I love too so was happy to work with. The subject was trickier as she said some of her favorite motifs were cute things, cats, stars and cupcakes. I started with cat sketches (at various points there were also balloons and toadstools with faces) but couldn't settle on a design. Luckily, she'd also included a link to her pinterest board and that helped me come up with this.

Finished WO Stitch Swap

I already had a picture in my mind of a little girl standing on a windy beach. The texture of her hair and face shape came from an inspiration photo on my partner's pintrest board, helping me to bring my mind-picture into focus on paper. Something was missing in my initial drawing so I added the little bunny in the hopes that it would add a dash of the cuteness that she likes.

WO Stitch Swap Detail

I finished it with a plain felt backing as I started to get rather close to our deadline and this had to make it's way off to Argentina! I'm excited that my first foray into Swaps paired me up with an international partner and I hope she likes it.

Back of Stitch Swap


  1. This is adorable...shucks i wish it was me that requested those colours...nice work!

  2. Helen, I've got the hoop today... what can I say? It's SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I couldn't be happier with it! I'ts so lovely and cute, that I couldn't have imagine something better! The colors, the motive... everything! It's already (although I've just came back to my house and saw it 15 minutes ago) on my living room wall, I'll send you a picture soon. I'm also delighted at the fact that my "partner" was someone from Chicago! (Went there on August and loved the city!)

    I truly loved what you made, I hope you're proud of your stitches (I would be!) I'll be in touch soon :)

  3. Lovely job!!!! Nice to find your blog!!!!


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