Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Beginnings

Starting a new venture is always exciting, but I have to say, for some reason it's particularly thrilling to begin something new on a leap day.

Today marks the launch of not only this new blog but my etsy store as well. I'm looking forward to sharing my crafty adventures, tips and mishaps here and, after lurking on the sidelines for a number of months, becoming a part of the online crafting community.

It's astonishing to think how 'new' I am to sewing. My aunt tried to teach me a few things when I was a teenager, but I was so inept that I even got my hair caught in the machine in Home Ec class. I'm not sure which evil genius prompted me to take a sewing class a little under a year and a half ago, but after a slow start, a monster was created! I adore creating all sorts with the aid of my sewing machine, and gradually I'm expanding my crafty repertoire to include everything from crochet to cake-decorating. Thank you for joining me here as I blog about my successes and failures (and I promise to document those just as faithfully as the projects that work out!). I hope you come again soon.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Daisy. I am new fairly new to sewing and very new to blogging as well. Would love to see what you make and share ideas. I already love your Banner. Mine...not so great! Good Luck in your new venture :)


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